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William Shakespeare and Human Psychology

Philosophy (Western and Eastern) and Human Nature

Spirituality and Human Nature

Ralph Waldo Emerson and Human Nature

Understanding the Human Condition

What does History teach us about Human Nature?

Historical Evidences of Tripartite Human Nature

The Emergence of Modernity

Psychology and Human Nature

Plato & Tripartite Soul Theory

Key Socratic Dialogues from Plato's Republic

Plato's Ideal State

Plato's Chariot allegory

Reason, Spirit and Appetite - Plato

The three parts of the soul in Plato's Republic

The three classes of citizens in Plato's Ideal State

Plato's Tripartite Theory of The Soul


Socrates Tripartite Soul Theory
View of the Psyche

Socrates Soul and Body      


Aristotles the three parts of the soul

Aristotles idea of the soul

Understanding the Human Condition

The Human Condition psychology

Human Condition examples

Understanding History Human Nature